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Consulting for businesses, nonprofits, and executives

Become your best with a sounding board

How to begin your next chapter with confidence

As much as you want to succeed as a business or nonprofit, clear the hurdles, slay your market’s financial dragons or reach your dream, it’s not always easy doing it alone. You need someone you can trust to bounce your ideas off, talk confidentially about your leadership strengths and weaknesses, work through solutions to relentless problems, stop your staff or board members from rowing the boat in circles and keep your focus. 

Right now, you need a sounding board. An executive coach that’s tough yet motivating. A consultant who helps you guide your business, nonprofit or career into the next chapter based on meaningful real-life experiences, not a predetermined playbook. You need Next Chapter Consulting, LLC.

Coaching and consulting based on wins, losses and courageous pivots

Rick and Maria understand the excitement or anxiety you are feeling. Both have faced gut-wrenching challenges and made significant strategic decisions. Each has walked side-by-side with business and non-profit executives through wins and losses. And throughout their careers, they have relied on insightful mentors to be their sounding boards. Their varied real-life experiences are the bedrock of their services.

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Sounding Board

Discuss ideas and thoughts; offer advice and guidance

Analyze “what if” scenarios

Eliminate distractions and hurdles

Confront personal leadership or organizational obstacles

Can converse with you, your team and clients in fluent Spanish

Funding Strategies

Identify and analyze the pros and cons of funding options

Develop a financial or funding plan for operations/growth

Analyze the feasibility of loan options

Develop a complete loan request to get attractive financing

Embracing the Future

Learn how to deal with wins and losses

Address and rectify critical issues

Develop a plan to address regulatory or compliance concerns

Develop a strategic plan

Develop a staffing or succession management plan

External Perception & Internal Identity

Develop a brand

Build enthusiastic and effective  teams

Create the desired external perception

Celebrate internal and external successes

Develop a client service/client focus mentality

Purpose & Roles

Define and understand the organizational and personal purpose

Develop an “elevator speech”

Understand roles, responsibilities and boundaries

Understand board, administration, and staff relationships

Implement the best onboarding practices for new board members/staff

Define board member “dos and don’ts” 

Use board member skills, abilities and contacts


Decisions are easier with 80+ years of real-life experience at your back

Co-owners Rick Dyer and Maria Kibler each bring more than 40+ years of in-the-trenches experiences. Whatever challenges you are facing, whatever goals or dreams you want to reach — they have walked in your shoes.


Rick Dyer

  • 43 years of experience in finance; executive leadership, consulting and coaching with an emphasis on developing commercial loan and funding plans.

  • Years of community advocacy and leadership for regional boards, committees and nonprofit organizations, like the St. Joseph Public Schools Board of Education and Foundation, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Southwest Michigan and Kinexus Group.

  • Successfully led three organizations through significant regulatory and financial challenges

  • Native of St. Joseph, Michigan; graduate of St. Joseph Public Schools, a member of its Athletic Hall of Fame and one of its Distinguished Alumni.  


Maria Kibler

  • 44 years of experience in finance; executive leadership, consulting and coaching

  • A long history of servant leadership on regional boards, committees and nonprofits, like the Children's Advocacy Center, Women's Service League and Curious Kids' Museum

  • Hablo Espanol | Fluent in Spanish

  • Native of Santiago, Chile, she immigrated as a child with her family to LaPorte, Indiana. Resident of St. Joseph for 30+ years.

  • Named one of the inaugural class members of the Moody on the Market 20 Bold Women of Business in 2021.


“There are many coaching and consulting firms and professionals, but what sets Next Chapter Consulting apart is that we have been there before.”

Rick Dyer and Maria Kibler


Your next step:
A Free Consultation

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It’s simple. Let’s start the conversation by getting to know you, finding out what’s on your mind and understanding your situation. Then, we will develop a plan with you to address your challenges and needs and get you to your next chapter. 

Please fill out this form and send it to us or call either Rick or Maria at 269-281-3831.
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